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One generator, the Base, provides energy from water, wind and your muscles


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What is WindPal

WindPal is a unique consept where you utilize one generator in various ways of energy production. It's a perfect partner in canoeing or hiking trips.

When you attach the generator (The Base) to our patent pending fabrik turbine, you will get a vertical axis wind turbine, WindPal Hiker. Attach the propeller to The Base and you will get a water turbine, WindPal Kayaker, which you can put in the river or attach to a canoe. Take a hand crank and attach it in to The Base and you can make your own energy anywhere with WindPal Survivor.


A Bit About Us

Year 2017 we noticed that there wasn't any small wind generators in the hiking market and at the same time we got an idea for the perfect structure of a portable wind generator.


We use only an aluminium tube and give them a shape of S, add some fabrik between pipes and tensioning for the whole structure. WindPal Hiker - the world's simplest wind turbine was born.

During development stage it was surprisingly difficult to find any decent small generator from the market. So we had to make our own. Soon we noticed that the generator was outstanding, fully waterproof and shockproof.


First we decided to use the generator (The Base) in water turbine and as we expected it worked perfectly. Because there isn't wind or current always near you, we decided to design a hand crank which fit perfectly with The Base.


During winter time in northern Finland the sun is not visible for three months and contitions are overall very harsh. As passionate hikers our goal is to make power in any circumstances.


We use always the best possible material and knowhow to make world's best portable generators for you.

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