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With WindPal Hiker, we want to bring the power of the wind to the hands of you. We want you to conquer the outdoors and embark on new adventures knowing that you have back-up in wind. WindPal Hiker is easy to carry along with you and it is easy and safe to use. Just connect your device or gadget with a USB cable. It is made to last in demanding conditions when properly used.

It fits in the bag of any backpacker, camper, hiker or climber who wants to produce their own sustainable personal energy. Explore wherever the trail leads you with WindPal Hiker powering your journey!

Get it, bag it in your bag and go for your next adventure using WindPal Hiker to power your journey. 



Vertical wind generator
Max output: 5 W
Voltage: 5 V

USB A female connector, wire lenght 500 mm (20 inch)
IP protection (generator): IP67
Min wind speed: 4 m/s (9 mph)
Max wind speed: 20 m/s (45 mph)
Turbine diameter 230 mm (9 inch) and lenght 1,5m (60 inch)
Turbine and generator weight: 880 g (2,0 lb)



Wind turbine (including upperend attachment)
2 x Tent stakes



WindPal Hiker is a portable wind generator for charging small devices. WindPal Hiker uses vertical axis for harness wind. 

It is possible to assemble almost between any two fixed points, for example ground and tree or pole. 

It is meant to charge small electrical devices (5V) like mobile phones, battery banks, etc. Charge starts when wind speed reach 4 m/s (9 mph) and maximum allowed wind speed is 20 m/s (45 mph). 

There are two major component in WindPal Hiker, the generator and the turbine. Between these two is quick release attachment which make packing easier. Assembly and disassembly take less than one minute. In rainy conditions it is recommendable to use cover on device you want to charge. WindPal Hiker itself is totally waterproof.



Begin by looking for a place where you can hook up your WindPal Hiker. There shouln't be any obstacles (trees, bushes) between wind and the installation place where you have the WindPal Hiker. Best places are open and high places, especially near bodies of water such as lake and seafronts. 

Attach generator and turbine with quick release attachment. Place webbing around tree and hook upperend to the webbing. Place tentstakes to cords which are locateded on the bottom of the generator and push tentstakes to the ground. Tighten WindPal Hiker by using linerunner in the upper end cord.

Plug in your device's USB-wire to WindPal Hiker's USB-connection. If rain is to be expected, cover you device and USB connection properly (plastic bag, etc.).



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Watch the video what is WindPal all about. YouTube link.


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