WindPal Kayaker

WindPal Kayaker

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With WindPal Kayaker, we want to bring the power of the water to the hands of you. We want you to conquer the outdoors and embark on new adventures knowing that you have back-up in water. WindPal Kayaker is light to carry along with you and it is easy and safe to use. Just connect your device or gadget with a USB cable. It is made to last in demanding conditions when properly used.

It fits in the bag of any paddler, hiker or rower who wants to produce their own sustainable personal energy. Explore wherever the trail leads you with WindPal Kayaker powering your journey!

NB! WindPal Kayaker needs the Base to generate power. You can use the Base with any other WindPal as well, so you'll need only one piece of the Base.

ManualWater propeller and frame with float
NOTE The Base generator have to buy separately

WindPal Kayaker is a portable water generator for charging small devices. WindPal Kayaker uses water propeller for harnessing water energy.

You can use it alone in a stream of water or attach e.g. to your kayak in order to produce green energy for your devices.

It is meant to charge small electrical devices (5V) like mobile phones, battery banks, etc. In order to start charging with propeller, the needed speed in water is 3 km/h (2 mph). You can harness water energy up to 0,6A, this means during night (600mA x 12h) 7200 mAh and during day (600mA x 24h) 14400 mAh.

Assembly and disassembly take less than one minute. In rainy conditions it is recommendable to use cover on device you want to charge. WindPal Kayaker itself is totally waterproof.

Begin by looking for streaming water or a lake or similar. You can use WindPal Kayaker both while paddling and left alone in a stream.

Attach generator to frame and propeller to generator with thumb screw. Attach cord to frame with the carabiner, tie other end of cord to tree or rock so that generator is in the stream. Other option is to attach to your kayak, canoe or similar. Place WindPal Kayaker in the water, so that it is just behind canoe (cord lenght ~ 1 meter). Tie cord other end in the canoe and place USB-cable other end and powerbank in the canoe.

Plug in your device's USB-wire to WindPal's USB-connection. If rain is to be expected, cover your device and the USB connection properly (plastic bag, etc.).

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    Propeller and water bottle
    Max output: 5 W
    Voltage: 5 V
    USB A female connector, wire lenght 500 mm (20 inch)
    IP protection (generator): IP67
    Propeller weight 0,5 kg (1,0 lb)


    WindPal Kayaker needs the Base to generate power. You can use the Base with any other WindPal as well, so you'll need only one piece of the Base.


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